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What does “Book on Skyscanner” mean? Follow

When you see “Book on Skyscanner”, this means that you can complete your purchase with a travel provider without leaving Skyscanner. You use Skyscanner’s booking form to enter your personal details, select any optional extras offered by the provider, and enter your payment details. Skyscanner’s booking form is quick to fill out, simple to use, secure, and is optimised for mobile devices. It therefore offers an efficient, high-quality booking experience.

Remember that you are still booking with the hotel, travel agent or travel provider - they still collect payment, and you will receive any confirmation emails from them directly. If you have any questions about your booking, they are still the best people to help with customer service - but of course we’re here to help out if you have any other problems or you want to give us feedback about this feature.

Got questions about your booking? We don’t take reservations at Skyscanner, but we’ve put together this article to make sure you can quickly find the information that you need.