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Is my hotel booking refundable? Follow

As a travel search engine, Skyscanner is a tool to help you plan your trip but we don’t take bookings or payments of any kind. Once you have found what you are looking for, we simply transfer you to hotel provider to complete your booking. This means your booking is with them, not with Skyscanner, and we don’t hold any of your details connected with any bookings you may have made.

For this reason, we recommend you get in touch with the hotel provider directly with questions about changing or cancelling a booking. Depending on which provider you have booked through, there will be different options for cancellation and refunds and these can usually be found on the provider's website. To make it easy to get in touch with them, we've included a list of the most common providers we show on Skyscanner below:

Got questions about your booking? We don’t take reservations at Skyscanner, but we’ve put together this article to make sure you can quickly find the information that you need.